Friday, April 10, 2020

It's National Siblings Day!

It's National Siblings Day! Here are some of the siblings in my family!

The above picture is of my great grandfather, William Joseph Rueff, Jr. and his brothers. From L-R: Charles William Rueff (sitting), Philip George Rueff (standing), Andrew Grover Cleveland "Andy" Rueff (sitting in center) and my great grandfather, William Joseph Rueff, Jr. They are the sons of William Joseph Rueff, Sr. and his wife Caroline Kuhn Rueff. ca. 1898

This is one of my favorite photos! From L-R: John Christopher "JC" Rueff, George Kenneth Rueff (my grandfather), William Edward "Bill" Rueff, Norman A. Rueff, Irvin Charles "Bud" Rueff, Frank William Rueff and my great grandfather, William Joseph Rueff, Jr. 

This is my grandfather, William Elmer Williams (left) and his older sister, Eloise Williams Rich. ca. 1913

My boys, Kenny on the left and David on the right. Brothers forever! ca.1982

My siblings and I in 1973.

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my sisters. It was taken on 10 October 2015, Pensacola, Florida at our cousins wedding reception. 

My Dad with his big sister.

And the newest generation of siblings in my family! My grandsons. Never has little brother been so eagerly waited for and so loved by his big brother. 

©2020, Dawn M. Kogutkiewicz, genealogical researcher and writer of Dawning Genealogy. All rights reserved.


  1. Great photos, Dawn! Love the picture of you with your sisters in 2015.

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