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Dawing Genealogy is Celebrating 100 Posts!!

With yesterday's post, "Memorial Day 2015 - ALL gave some and some gave ALL"  I hit a milestone for me and my blog! This post was # 100 !!

I will be honest, I never imagined when I started my blog, Dawning Genealogy eleven months ago that I would have hit this milestone in under a year. I cannot thank the genea-community enough for your support and encouragement and your guidance. I do have a few people I would like acknowledge who from the beginning were cheering me on, Thomas MacEntee, Cathy Meder-Dempsey, True Lewis, and Michelle Ganus Taggart. 

Of course, I also need to thank my family and friends who have been just as supportive too!

Thank you reading my blog, your feedback and comments are always welcome!

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 16 - My Mormon Pioneer - Joseph Rich (1786-1866)

Today I would like to introduce you to  my first cousin seven times removed, Joseph Rich. Joseph was born April 16, 1786 in Cecil, Washington County, Pennsylvania to Thomas Rich (1763-1818) and Ann Pool (1761-1836). Joseph married Nancy O'Neal on June 3, 1808 in Boone County, Kentucky. Nancy is the daughter of Charles James O'Neal (1750-1814) and Jane Shaw (1750-Unknown) Joseph was raised in the Quaker faith. I am not sure what the circumstances were that lead him to join The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. 

Joseph migrated with his parents Thomas and Ann Rich from Pennsylvania to Ohio around 1794. Then the family moved again to the counties of Boone and Campbell in Kentucky. They likely traveled by river in these early migrations of Joseph's family. The family would likely have had a journey with rough traveling conditions, facing a hostile environment with large forests, heavy underbrush, wild animals and Indians who were dissatisfied with the government for occupying their lands and the dangerous waters of the Ohio River.

Joseph, Nancy and their son Charles Coulson Rich would leave Kentucky behind and migrate to Switzerland County, Indiana around 1810.  Joseph and Nancy had four more children: Artemisia Rich (1811-1880), Jane Ann Rich (1813-1895), Minerva Rich (1816-1840) and Nancy Rich (1821-1857). It is one of two census record (1840 being the second) I cannot find for Joseph and his family. The 1820, census records show that he and his family were living in Posey, Switzerland, Indiana. 

By the 1830 census this family is living in Tazewell County, Illinois. In Tazewell, Joseph brought property totaling 160 acres between 1831 and 1839. Joseph with the help of his son would clear this land to build his family a new home and planted crops. On April 1, 1832 Joseph, his wife Nancy their son Charles and daughter Minerva were baptized and confirmed into the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints in Tazewell County, Illinois by Elder Hinkle. 

In July and September of 1838 Joseph and Charles bought land in Caldwell County, Missouri. According to land records they were co-owners of the property. Together they built a home for the family and one for Charles and his bride to be, Sarah DeArmon Pea. 

By  January 1, 1846 Joseph and Nancy  went through the ritual of Endowment in their Temple at Nauvoo, Illinois. On January 26, 1846 Joseph and Nancy had followed the custom of the Sealing ordinance. The purpose of the Sealing of a spouse and/or family members is so that they are bound together in this life and for all of eternity. 

During the 1840's when members were endowed at the Nauvoo Temple it consisted of two phases. The first phase was initiation, which consisted of washing and anointing the endowed after which they were dressed in temple undergarments. These garments were to be worn at all times especially when entering their temple. In the second phase the endowed would be instructed and then would move into a testing phase. The instruction consisted of the endowed's understanding of what was required of him or her by the Church such as rituals, prayers, gestures and symbols. Once the initiation was completed they would be tested on their instructions.

During the year of 1846, Joseph and Nancy along with their son Charles and their daughters Jane and Namcy and their respective families began their journey to Utah. According to the LDS Pioneer and Handcart Companies, 1847-1856, Joseph and his family traveled in their son Charles's company known as First Ten of Charles C. Rich's Guard. They arrived in Utah in July 1847. 

This was a perilous journey across difficult terrain and over the Rocky Mountains. The family would have had traveled by wagon, the men may have ridden horses and/or walked during this journey. They would have experienced all kinds of weather, hunger, diseases, birth's and death's. About three months after Joseph and Nancy arrived in Utah, Nancy died on October 5, 1847 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Joseph Rich was sealed in marriage to Elizabeth Howard (widow of both William Standage and William Thackham) on January 18, 1853. He was then sealed in marriage to Harriet Edwards on March 29, 1857. Harriet came from overseas and between the voyage to America as well as the perilous journey to Utah she was very ill by the time she arrived. She died not long after she and Joseph were sealed. He would wed again on July 26, 1857 to Maria Bentley Christian Linford (widow of John Linford). Joseph and Maria were not sealed because she was already sealed in marriage to her first husband, John.

At the time of the 1850 US Census, Joseph is living in Davis, Utah Territory. Living with Joseph are a Elizabeth Rich age 60, Minerva Rich age 10 and a Thomas Miles age 21. I believe that this Elizabeth is possibly Joseph's second wife, Elizabeth Howard (1792-1870) and that Thomas Miles could be a relation of hers but so far I have not been able to prove this. Little Minerva is Joseph's granddaughter, her mother was Minerva Rich Earl who died a few weeks after Minerva was born. Her father, Asa Colton Earl asked his wife's parents to raise his daughter since he felt he was not able to at the time.

The 1860 Census record shows that Joseph is living with both Elizabeth and Maria in Centerville, Utah along with Maria's sons Joseph Linford and Amasa Linford. Sometime in the spring or summer of 1865 Joseph and his family moved to Paris, Idaho. Joseph Rich died at age 80, on July 23, 1866.


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Memorial Day 2015 - ALL gave some and some gave ALL

In the top left corner photo is my uncle, William "Bill" Hoback (standing far left) who served in the US Navy in WW II. The top center photo is my Dad, c.1952-1953, who served in the Korean War. On the far right is the tombstone for my 3rd great grandfather, Friedrich Orth who served in the Union Army during the Civil War and died from injuries he received in the Battle of Missionary Ridge. In the bottom left corner is my husband's father Henry C. " Hank"  Kogutkiewicz who served in the Army in WW II. In the bottom center photo is my children's paternal grandfather, Simeon Lester Kitts, Jr. who served in the Army Air Corp during WW II.

Today we remember the men and women who are currently serving in all branches of our military. Today we also remember those who have fallen from The American Revolutionary War to the War with Iraq and Afghanistan. All of them fought for our FREEDOM. They fought with bravery, courage, honor and valor.  Some of them made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their life. 

Thank you to my Dad for his service in the Korean War. To my Uncle Bill Hoback for his service in World War II. To my friends who have served or are still serving our country, I thank you for your service. To my ancestors who served from the American Revolution to through the Korean War, I thank you for your service.

As I have worked on my children's paternal lines and my own I have found that many of the men in these families served in our military from the American Revolution to World War II to the Korean War. As of today, I have not found any ancestors who served in the Vietnam War or any subsequent war after Vietnam.

My Dad served in the Korean War. My Mom's great grandfather Friedrich Orth was wounded at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, TN and died from those wounds in 1863. My Dad's stepfather Glenn Hammond served in WW II. My Uncle, Bill Hoback served in WW II.

My husband's, Dad, Henry "Hank" Kogutkiewicz also served in WW II along with brothers, Roman W. Kogutkiewicz, Sigmund J. Kogutkiewicz, Leon P. Kogutkiewicz, and Eugene J.
Kogutkiewicz. His uncle, Ralph Mills also served in WW II.

Kenny and David's paternal grandfather served in WW II, The men of the Kitts family of Grainger County, TN served in the Civil War and in some instances fought on different sides. In their paternal grandmother's family, their great uncle, Henry H. Plowden, Jr served in World War II. Their great aunt, Mary "Mackie" Plowden, lost her first husband, Robert Cone Elliott in World War II. 

My daughter in law, Cassie, her 6th paternal great grandmother, Laodicea "Daring Dicey" Langston Springfield is a heroine of the American Revolution as well as her husband, Thomas H. Springfield.  

One of my best friends, Elizabeth L. Almond served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. My friend Gary served in Vietnam. My brother in law, Chris Lunsford, son Christoper has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Our landlord is active military.

All gave some and some gave ALL.


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"A World Apart" - World War II Memorial - Savannah, Georgia - Panels 9 - 16

These are the last eight panels with service members names inscribed on the inside of the globe.

 "A World Apart" - World War II Memorial - Savannah, Georgia - Panels 1 - 8

Names of Service Members Panel 9

Henry W. Kelly, John Henry Kelly, Arthur Graham Kelly, 
Eugene Kemp, Thomas H. Kennedy, Andrew Jackson Kennedy, Jr.,
James Conroy Kennedy, Thomas Joseph Kenney, 
Joseph Foy Kicklighter,  Olen R. Kight, Melvin Kiley, John M Kirby,
Martin Edwin Kirshbaum, Jr., Carl G. Kleinsteuber, 
Herman L. Knight, Virgil Kelly Knight, Thomas Joseph Knox,
Otto Ferndinand Kolb, Jr., Monroe Epting Konemann,
William Leonard Krauss, Sr., Curtis B. Lain, Jr., 
Thomas Henry Laird, Melvin Lamb, Raymond H. Land,
George D. Lanier, Jr., Robert D. Lanier, Emory O. Lariscy,
Arthur Lavier, David L. Lawton, Gertie E. Lee, 
Louis Marcel LeHardy, Thomas Durham Lewis, Leon Lindauer, Jr. 

Names of Service Members Panel 10

John T. Linney, Jr., John N. Littlejohn, Jr., Paul E. Lloyd,
Warren Edward Lockett, Charles E. Lotson, John R. Lovett, Jr.,
James W. Lowe, Arthur R. Lowman, John Register Lyons,
Theodore J. Lyons, John Lee Macher, John H. MacLean,
Francis Taylore Maddux, Don Lopez Maheno, 
James Edward Marchman, John Marcotte, 
Raymond Harry Mayer, Albert Thomas Mays, 
Daniel Joseph McCarthy, James H. McClendon,
Aquilla Brooks McCoy, Jr., Clement C. McEvoy, Gordon McGuire,
John A. McKay, Alfred Parker McPeters, Jr. Jack McPherson,
Farquhar McRae, Jr., Horace Gordon Meisner, 
William Saunders Mell, Joel Atwood Merriman, Jr.,
Wallace D. Milligan, Theodore A. Milton, Arthur Mims 

Names of Service Members Panel 11

Solomon Mirsky, Artie U. Mitchell, Steve Mitchell, 
Perry Lee Mitchell, John Herbert Mitchelson, Jr., 
George R. Mitchner, Elverd M. Mixon, Francis Ervin Mock, Jr.,
Norman George Monson, Garfield R. Morehouse, Jr.,
Theodore Nathaniel Morgan, Willard D. Morgan,
James C. Mulligan, Joseph A. Mulligan, Jr., 
Colon Bernard Mulligan, Herbert Mungin, 
Samuel Andrew Muntean, Dennis W. Murphy, Jr.,
Thomas Wallace Murray, Charles MacDonald Nease,
Elliott Neidlinger, Jr., Walter S. Nelson, Jr., 
James Frank Newman, Jr., William A. Newsome, 
Max Montague Nichols, Jr., Joseph North, 
Cyril Joseph O'Connor, Jr., Jack Thomas O'Donnell, 
John Oetgan, Francis McDonald Oliver, Jr., 
Stuart Carmen Oliver, Leo G. Olson, John Edwin O'Neal, Jr.

Names of Service Members Panel 12

Edward C. Ozbott, Roy Pardue, Willard H. Parker,
George Wakefield Parker, Gilbert B. Parks, 
Daniel Lavender Patternson, Ebbie N. Paxton, Guy C. Payne,
Lorenzo Pazant, Austin Pennington, Cecil Pierce, George Ponder,
Robert M. Porter, Joseph Eugene Poythress, Jr., W.N. Prencken,
Harry M. Price, John Price, Henry Proctor, Stephen E. Pullin,
Alvin Wilder Rahn, Edward Ramsey, Saul I. Raskin, 
Benny W. Ratliff, Raymond V. Rawson, William H. Ray, 
Clyde Reed, Jr., Samuel A. Reed, Carl S. Reitzel, Jr.,
Willard Jay Reynolds, William B. Rice, Jr., 
George F. Richardson, Jr, Cecil F. Roach

Names of Service Members Panel 13

Ray J. Robberson, Moses J. Roberts, 
William Verdery Roberts, Jr., Wiley Clayton Robson,
Johnny Rodriguez, William Joseph Ronan, 
Horace Frederick Rose, William Malcolm Ross,
James Louis Rossignol, Jr., Avant Rountree, 
Jimmie Tash Rovolis, Charles G. Rowland, Gilbert A. Rowland,
Ernest Royals, Robert Allison Rupert, John Barry Ryan,
Frank Sarbo, Bruno George Schiebold, 
John Dearing Schley, Jr.,  George A. Schuenemann,
Ellie J. Screws, Jr., Samuel Jenkins Sellers, Jr., 
William E. Sexton, Raymond Shaw, Donald N. Shearouse, Jr.,
Benjamin Sherrod, John Morrison Shuman, Jr., J.I. Shurling,
Samuel H. Sikes, David B. Sills, Earl Simmons, 
John A. Simmons 

Names of Service Members Panel 14

Thomas B. Simmons, James Fred Simpson, 
Wallace Francis Sims, Jr., Alexander Singleton, Julian E Smiley,
Arthur Smith, Edward E. Smith, Edward M. Smith, 
George C. Smith, Henry Rudolph Smith, James W. Smith,
Robert E. Smith, Walter Carl Smith, William Lance Smith, Jr.,
Jesse Wilbur Smith, James H. Solly, George A. Spangler,
Walter E. Stanford, James Stanley, Robert James Starks, Jr.,
Lewis Oliver Starr, Ralph Stein, Albert D. Stoddard,
Maurice M. Stone, Henry Garden Strachan, Jr,
Charles Robert Strickland, Jr., John F. Stickland, Jr.,
John F. Sullivan, Jr., Henry Surles, William Q. Surratt,
Arlie J. Surrency, Samuel David Sutker, George L. Sweet,
Mosley Sylvester

Names of Service Members Panel 15

John W. Tanner, Edwin Harden Tapley, Howard C. Taunton,
Cyrus S. Taylor, Richard Taylor, Edward M. Terreau, 
Arthur Lavier Thomas, General E. Thompson, Jr.,
John Gordon Thornton, William Neal Tiencken,
Harry Kenneth Touchstone, Elery J. Townsend,
Charles Edward Traynor, Jr., George D. Troup,
Walford Clifford Tuten, Henry C. Tyrell, Clarence J. Tyrell,
Leman Chapman Urquhart, Richard Valyou, 
Richards Daniel Van Allen, Walter C. Verdelle, 
Anthony Joseph Von Dolteren, Tom W. Wages, 
Paul Clifford Wagnon, Elbert H. Walden, Henry C. Walden,
Edward J. Walker, Walter Wallace, Gus Warren,
Francis Melville Waters, James W. Waters, Roderick Watts,
Calvin Weaver, Jr.

Names of Service Members Panel 16

Milo L. Webber, Harry P. Weeks, Jr., Horace N. Weeks,
Thomas William Welsh, Raymond T. Westberry,
Esmond L. Wheeler, William O. White, Jr., 
Walter Whitlock, Jr., Frank Anthony Wickham, Jr.,
Philip A. Wilheit, Henry G. Wilkes, James C. Williams,
James M. Williams, Robert G. Williams, Willie C. Williams,
J. L. Williams, Albert Williams, Alfred K. Williamson,
Daniel E. Wilson, Robert Ray Wilson, James Mack Wimberly,
Olin John Wimberly, Arthur McAvoy Winters, Rufus H. Wise,
Hardy Talmadge Womack, Joseph G. Woodruff, Jr.,
William Wray, John B. Wright, Meldrim Edward Wright,
Lester Raymond Young, Jr., Marion M. Zipperer

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"A World Apart" - World War II Memorial - Savannah, Georgia - Panels 1 - 8

UPDATE: This post was originally posted on 23 May 2015 but for some reason the post was reverted back to draft status after it was published. I apologize for any confusion to the story line this may have caused.

These are the first eight panels inscribed with service members names on the inside of the memorial. 

Names of Service Members Panel 1

William M. Achord, Sr., Lawrence A. Adams,  William L. Agee, Charles L. Aiken, 
Frederick Douglass Alford, Jr., 
Charles Judson Allen, III, Fred Chriss Allen, Jr., Henry J. Anderson, Jacob J. Anderson,
Thomas Anderson, John Dell Arnett, 
David S. Atkinson, Jr., Odis J. Autry, 
James V. Bagley, Ansel D. Bailey, 
Benjamin Baker, Jr., Benton T. Bandy,
James William Barber, Leroy Barnard
Gerald Lafor Bazemore, John Harold Bazzell,
James H. Beasley, Jr., William Stern Buck,
Hoke S. Bell, Matthew W. Bell, William D. Bentley, John Thomas Billings, Willis Bird, William D. Bishop, Andrew L. Black, Joseph Riddick Blackwood, George Wright Bordley

Names of Service Members Panel 2

Ward Morehouse Bowyer, Arthur H. Bradley, Jr.,
Frank B. Bragg, Jr., Thomas O. Branch, 
Dan C. Branson, Jr., John W. Brassell, 
Patrick E. Brennan, Wilmer T. Brewer, 
Winfield Wright Brewton, Albert D. Brockett,
Robert L. Brooks, Prince Broughton, David Brown,
Hugh D. Brown, James Carl Brown, Simon Bruce,
Clifford Jenning Bryan, Robert L. Bryan,
Richard Reynolds Buckner, Thurman Buice,
Jasper N. Bunkley, Jack W. Burnhalter, 
Reece Neel Burks, Robert Francis Burns
Nelson A. Bush, Lethridge Reginald Bustin, 
Laurence L. Caldwell, Thomas Cannady, Jens Munthe Cappelen, Edward Harlee Carmichael, Jr., Alvin Jesse Carpenter

Names of Service Members Panel 3

Clayton Lee Carter, James E. Carter, 
James W. Carter, John Robert Carter, 
Alfred D. Cason, Orlando L. Cassini, 
James W. Chance, Lyttleton Elmont Chance,
Maxie Cheney, Thomas C. Cheney, Elmo Chisholm,
Willie Boyd Chisholm, Dan H. Clark,
Howard Lawton Cleveland, 
James Henry Bussell Cloud, Albert L. Cobb, Jr.,
John Colvin Cochran, Ernest R. Coffelt,
Harris H. Coffey, Westley Cohen, James T. Coleman,
Joseph Frank Colley, Jr., Paul Anderson Collins
James J. Connolly, Ralph E. Cook, Robert Louis Corey, William Cox, Joseph F. Craig, III, Bryant L. Cramer, John Robert Crawford, Malcolm R. Crawford

Names of Service Members Panel 4

Francis J. Cronk, Edward W. Crosby, Robert F. M. Culver,
Britt Charles Cumming, Nesbit Cummings, 
Johnnie M. Cure, Wilbur Daniels, Arthur Ferdinand Davies
Bennie Bryant Davis, Jr., James J. Davis, Jr.,
Jasper Nathaniel Davis, Joseph C. Davis, Lonnie E. Davis,
Luther W. Davis, Thomas Edward Davis, Rufus A. Davis,
John Alvie Davis, Jesse James Davis, James B. Deal,
Marion Leo Dean, Paul George DeBolle, 
Edwin B. Decker, Jr., Alexis DeJanikus,
Dowse Bradwell DeLoach, Jr., Walter Adel DeLoach, Cyrus Wells DeLong, James E. Dickey, Danny Arthur Dix, Harold William Dominy, Anthony Draper, Willie I. Drayton, Kewannee Drumright

Names of Service Members Panel 5

Joseph LaBruce DuFour, John Stephen Duggan,
Joseph DeLeon Duke, George Healy Dukes,
Henry Dunbar, Jr., Joe Martin Dunlavy,
Clinton S. Durant, Joseph E. Dyer, Sr., 
Edwin Henry Eady, David Edwards,
Walter I. Ehrenreich, Willie Ellis, 
George G. Emery, Jr., Emmett M. England,
Coy L. English, Pedro Abenoja Estocapio,
Olice R. Evans, Lindsay B. Fallow, 
Norman Fields, Jr., Joseph A. Filkins, Jr.,
Mac Isaac Finch, William John Findlay,
William J. Finnegan, Ernest Fleming, 
Robert W. Fletcher, Jr., Conna Florance, Alfonso Ford, Percy Campbell Forsythe, Sylvester Frazier,  Horace Threston Freeman, Jr., Philip Lon Fritts, George C. Fugate

Names of Service Members Panel 6

Kellis E. Futch, William Gadson, Milton T. Gaines, 
James Stephens Galletta, George Karam Gannam, Freddie Gant,
Jack L. Gardner, Creswell Garlington, Jr., Byron Aloysius Gaudry, W. Christianson Gerhart, John C. Gibbons, 
Ben Harrison Gibson, Jr., John McIver Gignilliat, 
Randolph Henry Ginn, William Henry Glisson, Robert E. Gnann,
John Julian Goins, Jr., Moses H. Goodrich, Dennis Gordon,
Edward McGuire Gordon, Carl Gordy, James H. Grady, 
Herbert Robert Graham, Jesse E. Grant, Lincoln Green, 
Walter C. Green, Samuel Greene, William Henry Greene,
Herbert Griffin, Arthur C. Griffin, Jr., Cecil E. Griner,
Charles William Groover, Gresham R. Gunby, Jr.

Names of Service Members Panel 7

Garette Hagan, Freddie Hall, James B. Hall, 
George Elix Hamilton, James Hamilton, Arthur Leroy Hand,
Michael F. Handiboe, Howard H. Hansen, Jr., Wilkey H. Hardy,
Wallace Harley, Robert Meredith Harper, William E. Harris,
Warren A. Harvey, Theodore Francis Haviland, Plan G. Hay,
George Wallace Hayman, Jr., John M. Henderson,
Iverson W. Hendry, George Edward Henroit, Jr., Sam Henry,
Walter Andrew Hering, William Howard Hicks, 
Charles W. Wiggs, Jr., Gentry W. Hiott, Ransome M. Hiott, 
James A. Hobbs, George Pottle Hodges, Herman L. Hodges,
Edwin K. Hodkins, Eugene Harold Holland, James Buford Horne,
Lawrence F. Horne, Jr.

Names of Service Members Panel 8

Thomas R. Horton, Svend Aage Hoybye, Woodrow Huggins,
Charlie T. Hunnicutt, Marion William Hurd, Dannie Hurst, 
Thomas Joseph Hussey, Milton L. Hymes, James E. Jackson,
Justin Lowe Jackson, Jr., William Crantford James, 
Carl Llyod James, Afton Harold Jarrett, Joseph M. Jenkins,
Leroy Jernigan, Tom N. Jessup, Ned Burton Johnson, 
Mark William Johnson, Jr., Ernest Okey Johnson,
Howard L. Johnson, Morris Jones, Ralph Meldrim Jones,
Robert F. Jones, Jr., Albert Jones, Charles Jones, 
William P. Jordan, Frederick H. Kameron, James E. Keene,
Herbert C. Keene, Victor L. Keith, Jr., William H. Keller,
William Arlington Kelley, Jr., Edward T. Kelly

Friday, May 22, 2015

"A World Apart" - World War II Memorial - Savannah, Georgia

While exploring Savannah back in April, we came to this World War II Memorial.  It is located on River Street. This tribute to Chatham County Veterans of World War II was erected on November 7th, 2010 after nearly a decade of planning and work by the Veterans Council of Chatham County, citizens of Savannah and Chatham County as well as other organizations. The area around the globe is surrounded by over 2000 engraved bricks which could be bought for $100. 

The architect who designed the memorial is Eric Meyerhoff. The globe was constructed by Ken Brandell of Brandell Studios in Key Largo, Florida. The monument site was chosen due to the significance of the Savannah's role during World War II. The Savannah shipyard built the "Liberty ships" as well as being one of the ports that made sure our troops received their supplies.

It is a large globe, made of bronze and copper. It is split in half as representation of the war fought in European and Pacific thearters. The globe itself sits on Georgia granite and is twenty feet high. On the inside of the globe, where you can walk through, there are eight inscribed panels on either side of the globe with the names of the 527 Chatham County citizens who lost their life in World War II. On either side of the opening there are purple heart medals and the inscription below that is on either side of the globe. 

Beginning tomorrow, I will begin publishing my pictures of the inscribed panels two at a time with the names of those on the panels. It is also the beginning of my involvement in the Honor Roll Project which was started by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, see her blog piece at http://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com/p/honor-roll-project.html. The Honor Roll Project is an effort to transcribe and photograph military honor rolls. By transcribing the names of the service members, it will be easier for researchers and family members will be able to find them on the internet. I find that while this is a simple thing to do and in doing this project I feel that it will not only be rewarding but helpful to others.


Nancy Gould, "Savannah Welcomes World War II Memorial", (http://www.army.mil/article/47988/savannah-welcomes-world-war-ii-memorial/ : accessed 22 April 2015)

Savannah's World War II Monument-Commemorating the Veterans of Chatham County, Historic Savannah Parks, (http://www.historicsavannahparks.com/parks/world-war-II-monument.html : 22 April 2015)