Friday, September 19, 2014

Funeral Card Friday

This is the Mass card for my great grandfather, Dr. Raymond Alexander Behrle. He was known to his grandchildren as "Popa Ray". He was born on 27 October 1880 in Louisville, Kentucky to John Behrle and Mary Jane Hermann. He had an older sister, Bertha Genevieve "Bertie" (1879-1962) and a younger sister, Etta Elizabeth (1883-1950). He graduated for the University of Louisville Dental School. His only child, Mary Myrtle is my grandmother. Collection of Mass Cards in the personal photograph collection of George K. Rueff, Sr.


  1. Wow that is great Dawn. I am always so amazed when people have such treasures.

  2. Thank you, Michelle! My grandfather had several different family members Mass cards so I will be posting them from time to time.