Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Family History Writing Challenge (FHWC) - Day 1

This is my first post for Family History Writing Challenge (henceforth known as FHWC) with Lynn Palmero, The Armchair Genealogist. However, I somehow was branded after I submitted my post as "topic author". I tried to edit it the piece and that didn't help. I have sent Lynn a message through Facebook asking for her assistance.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Dawn and this is my first year participating in The Family History Writing Challenge. I want to learn how to write the story of my family and decided that this was the way to learn. I want to share what I know with my family and hopefully leave something remarkable for future generations. 

My interest in genealogy started as a result of listening to the adults of our family talking while visiting grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins but of course we were suppose to be asleep. Then in 1973 while my family was living just outside of Dayton, Ohio while my Dad was taking advanced training classes with National Cash Register Corporation. I discovered a small cemetery behind a Hardee’s. I was 11 years old and had no clue about how to research this cemetery. However, somewhere deep inside my heart and soul I started preparing for my role of “family historian” at an early age. 

I will be adding my posts from here to my blog, Dawning Genealogy ( as well. The big bonus from this challenge is that I will be able to write (hopefully) more polished articles for my blog too.

Dawn Kogutkiewicz

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