Friday, July 3, 2015

Family Photo Friday - The Grandchildren of George K. and Myrtle (Behrle) Rueff

This photo was taken on June 15th, 1973 in front of my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jim's house in Gulf Breeze, Florida. I don't remember if this was an official family reunion since George & Myrtle were not there but it was definitely one of my favorite get togethers with my Rueff aunts, uncles and cousins.

My Mom along with her family gathered with her sister, Bonnie's family and their brother Kenny's family came together for several days. This was the trip I learned I would never be a fisherwoman! I lost my Dad's rod and reel in the Santa Rosa Sound. 

 Going left to right in order of age we are the second generation of the descendants of George and Myrtle Rueff. Susie Williams (age 6 months), Mike Rueff (age 4), Amy Elbert (age 4), Kathy Williams (age 5), Billy Williams (age 6), Jeff Elbert (age 8), Patty Williams (age 9), Dawn Williams (age 10), Becky Elbert (age 11), Donna Rueff (age 12) and Ronnie Rueff (age 14).

Thank you, Aunt Barbara for documenting all of your photographs! While I maybe the unofficial family historian you are most definitely the family photographer!