Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Monday's with Easton

 Photo Courtesy of The Kids (David and Cassie), E's first day of school.

This school year my son David and his wife Cassie asked if I wanted to alternate Mondays with my daughter in law's Mother in keeping our grandson Easton. Of course my answer was YES! I may only have him a couple times of month or just once a month depending on the current year school calendar and my son's days off for that particular month. 

I want this to be something that my sweet little fella will one day read and tells his own children about me. Ultimately, at the end of every school year I will put these posts into a book and will present them to him when he is older.

Once I made my commitment to keeping Easton, I decided that I needed a "fun bag". I call it Dede's fun bag. I have filled it with books, flashcards, finger paint, googly eyes, pompom balls, pipe cleaners, small brown paper bags, crayons, foam paint brushes, cup cake papers, cookie cutters in small and big shapes, scrapbook paper, card stock, photographs, and coloring books. I still need to add a few more things but you get the idea. The whole idea for me is that when he sees the bag he will know that I have brought "the fun bag" and we are going to do something special. 

My goal over the next few weeks is to build him a small book with family members so that he can start to learn everyone everyone's name. Our family is much larger and louder than Easton knows. I am printing current photos of everyone, cutting them into shapes and using different color card stock to make cards for aunts, uncles, grandparent's and cousins. Kind of like trading cards. By doing this I hope to help Easton learn who everyone is but to also teach him his colors and shapes, which he is working on in nursery school.

The school Easton attends sends the kids a report every day of what the theme of the week is, how he is doing, what they did that day and photos of Easton with little captions. They forward them to me and Jaja (my hubby) so we can see how his day went but now I can plan my activities with him to go with what he learning. 

Monday's with Easton, is a new column that is about my days with my grandson and I will be posting it on Tuesday's at least twice a month.



  1. I love the Bag idea Dawn and the book will one day be so very special to him and his descendants as well. Good Going!