Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Welcome to the World Julia!!!

Congratulations to my cousin, Douglas and his beautiful wife, Tracy who have brought another beautiful little girl into the world yesterday. Her name is Julia Ruth and she is a beauty! I am so very happy for you both. I know how excited Anna Dayle must be to become a big sister and I know she will always cherish that role. And by now Julia, has all of you wrapped around her little fingers! Congratulations to my cousin Amy and her hubby Greg on their beautiful new granddaughter and Congratulations to Tracy's family too!

Dear Julia,

Welcome to the world precious little girl! 

I hope you have eyes that are bright like starlight.

I hope you are sugar and spice but mischievious too!

I hope your laugh sounds like the tinkling of bells.

I hope your heart is full of grace.

I hope that you reach for dragonflies, lady bugs, butterflies and the wonders of the world.

Most of all, little girl I hope that you know how much you are loved!


Cousin Dawn

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