Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

I couldn't find any Father's Day cards I liked. They were either very formal or way too mushy with nothing in between. So this is my Father's Day card to my Daddy, my husband Tommy and my son David. Thank you for all that you do for our family. Thank you for loving me, each in your own way as my father, my husband and my son. I hope you each have a wonderful Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to three most important men in my life! In the picture above on the left are my Dad and niece Grace, in the middle are my hubby Tommy and our grandson, Doodlebug and on the right in my son David. You are all excellent fathers and grandfathers. 

Daddy, you have always had the patience of a saint when raising Patty, Billy, Kathy, Susie and I. You use that same patience with your grandchildren as well. You were always there when we needed you and you were always there for us no matter what. Thank you for being my Daddy and for loving me as you do. I love you very much!

Tommy, you have been a remarkable step-father and you were always there when Kenny and David needed you growing up. You are a wonderful husband and I thank you for loving me and my crazy family! You are a wonderful grandfather to our Doodlebug! I love you for who you are, for loving my children unconditionally and for the way you love our little grandson, he couldn't ask for a better Jaja!

David, you are an exceptional son, father and husband! I love to watch you with your family because it brings such joy and love to my heart. I love watching you with Doodlebug and I can't help but laugh and be filled with joy when I see him doing things that you did at his age, you will understand this feeling when you have grandchildren of your one day! I love you baby boy!


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