Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A List of My Favorite Websites

Today on Ancestry I was contacted about a record I had found at FamilySearch. I explained that it was only a textual record and gave them the website for FamilySearch. I just received another note from the same person thanking me for the information. They also mentioned that they were new to genealogy. I promptly replied that FamilySearch was a free genealogy website and that inspired this post. 

Genealogy is one of the fastest and most popular hobbies today. Everyday someone in the world decides that they want to learn more about their ancestors. It can also be expensive especially collecting birth, marriage, divorce, death, pension and military records. Here is a list my favorites, it is definitely an eclectic list but used lovingly nearly every day! I hope that you find some of these websites helpful to you in your search.

 *-archived obituaries can be unarchived for $2.95 per obituary


  1. I"ll be checking some of them out, thanks for taking the time to post them. I love the graphic you made of all the names? What program did you use? Have you made any of the graphics where you add whatever names you want? I'd like to make one but not exactly sure how to go about it.

    1. Jeanne,

      I made the graphics using Picmonkey.com. It took me a opulent of hours to do as each word was added separately using different fonts. I am sure there are other programs that would make it easier to do though I am not sure which ones. I have been using Picmonkey for two years now and I find it easy to use. I have also done the same with graphics for Surname Saturday posts too.