Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Movin' On Up!

My son David is a Parts Manager at a Toyota dealership here in South Carolina. He has done very well for himself with his current company. He recently learned there was a job opening for a Parts Manager position at a different Toyota dealership, in another state and applied for the position. Needless to say he was offered this position. David and Cassie decided that this position was a great opportunity for him and their family. David has accepted the position and begins next week.

Now my son is going home! Home to Greensboro, North Carolina where he was born and raised. I know that this is a great opportunity for David and Cassie, especially with a new baby on the way too! While I won't be living as close to them as I have been for the last seven years but I know that in Greensboro they will have much more family support! My parents still live there along with two of my sisters so there will be plenty of babysitters for Easton!

I am very happy for David & Cassie and I know that good things are happening for them. I am also very proud of David. I am proud of the boy I raised and the man he has become through hard work and determination. He is a loving husband and father. 

Congratulations, David! 

All my love,


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