Friday, November 7, 2014

Follow Friday - Thomas MacEntee

The very first webinar I took was given by Thomas MacEntee via Legacy Family Tree about three years ago. I found his webinar to be very informative and started adding his suggestions to my genealogy repertoire. I always look forward to seeing what seminars he is doing.

Your webinars have enhanced my skills as a researcher. They have led me to find new sources and allowed me to find a new way to share my family history. I have met many new people of the genealogy community via your Geneabloggers and Social Media for Genealogy pages on Facebook. 

Through his websites and Facebook pages I have learned a lot about genealogy, technology that is genealogy friendly and blogging. He never hesitates to answer my questions or provide me with feedback about those questions. Your daily prompts about what happened on this or that date inspire me to find an ancestor who may have been affected by that event in history.

Thank you, Thomas and I look forward to meeting you one day in person!


  1. Thanks Dawn for the shout out and I'm sure our paths will cross soon!

    1. You are welcome and I truly mean every word, Thomas!