Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Babysitting Adventures with Easton!

Hi Everyone,

For the next several weeks I will be babysitting my grandson, Easton, a couple of days a week. Of course, it is absolutely my pleasure to spend so much time with him! Easton is only a year old but we have so much fun together. He has learned that he can flip Cheerios on the carpet, loves the sound of voice echoing, and loves playing outside!

Flipping His Cheerios

I normally try to post at least 3 days of the week however, chasing after a one year old takes precedence over research and posting any day!  I hope to be back on track next week.

Thank you one and all for reading my blog, your support and encouragement!


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  1. Adventures with Easton! Such a Gramma's Boy. I love seeing him grow up. You got it made.

    1. Thank you, True! I really enjoy my time with Easton. He loves to push the boundaries when he can however when I have to tell him no it hurts me more than him.