Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Workday Wednesday

My great grandfather, William Joseph Rueff, Jr founded The Rueff Sign Company in 1912 in Louisville, Kentucky. That company is still in business 103 years later and is still run by the Rueff family.  The company made a variety of signs for all manner of businesses. My great grandfather's cousin, Henry Joseph Rueff founded The Henry J. Rueff Company which was a lighting and fixture company.

Photo Courtesy of George K. & Barbara Rueff, Jr.

Photo Courtesy of George K. & Barbara Rueff, Jr.

Source: [ ULPA MSD.033.158], Metropolitan Sewer Collection, 1981.03, Photographic Archives, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky. 7 February 1928,  Digital Image ( : accessed 8 April 2015) Southeast corner of 5th Street and Chestnut Street, Henry J. Rueff Co.

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