Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 80th Birthday, Daddy!

I want to wish my Dad, Bill Williams a Happy 80th Birthday! He was born on Saturday, January 5th, 1935 in Kentucky. My Dad is a quiet, strong and loving man. He is the best Dad a girl could ask for too! I remember all the nights he spent helping with my math homework and for that Daddy I thank you! I tried to find pictures of the past eight decades that represent you and our family. I am very proud to be your daughter and I love you more than you can possibly know! 



These are a few of my Dad as a little boy.

Here are few pictures of my Dad and his sister, my Aunt Sally. Nothing like a sister's love.

On the far left is my Dad's senior high school picture, next is him in his Army uniform. The middle picture is one of my Dad and Mom when they were dating. The next two are from the wedding in 1955.

These are my siblings and I with Daddy on our wedding day! The far left is my Dad and me. The next is of him and my sister Patty. The middle picture is my brother Billy with his bride, Carolyn and our parents. The next picture is of my Dad and my sister Kathy. The far right is of my Dad and my sister Susie. My Mom made of all of the wedding dresses in the above pictures.

These are the grandkids! In the picture on the far left is from Father's Day 2014. Going clockwise, are William, Walker, TJ, Gracie, JJ and Bryan seated in front of him. The picture in the middle is from May 2014. Going from left to right are JJ, Jebb, William, Bryan, David who is holding his son, Easton and Kaitlyn. Seated are my parents with Walker on my Dad's lap.

Easter Sunday, April 2014. And the next generation has begun! Daddy holding Easton.


  1. You did a wonderful job on this tribute to your Dad. Happy Birthday Bill!! ~ Cathy

  2. A lovely tribute to your Dad! Happy 80th Birthday!