Friday, January 2, 2015

My Genealogy Goals for 2015

My philosophy for genealogy is to do the research with optimism. We have all heard stories regarding our ancestors. Some of the stories that are handed down from generation to generation are indeed true. However, others are simply family lore. As genealogists it is our job to tell the stories of the past as accurately as possible.

With that in mind, my genealogy goals will be in education, energy, texture and hope.  


I will educate myself by finding more advanced genealogy classes. That education begins today as I start Thomas MacEntee's, Genealogy Do-Over. I know that I will learn new skills, and refresh old skills. At the end of this of "Do-Over" I will be a better genealogist because of this Do-Over. I will join a historical or genealogical society. Finally, I will look into becoming a certified genealogist, something I have been thinking about for the last year. 


Starting my own genealogy blog in 2014 has renewed my energy for genealogy. It has allowed me to tell the stories of my family and share my personal experiences as well. This renewed energy has allowed me to take another look at my previous research with new eyes and to see that I have made mistakes and that I need to start over, again!


How we go back in time to learn about our ancestors and bring their stories forward to the present is what matters. Today as genealogists in the 21st century we have more records, documents and photographs than those of our counterparts in previous generations. The way we tell each of these stories, using the records, documents and photographs they left behind allows us to bring texture to their lives like never before.  


My niece, Kaitlyn is very interested in genealogy so she is my hope for the next genealogist in the family. My hope is that when all is said and done that I will be a better genealogist, a better researcher and that I have left a better recorded history of our family so that future generations can say that I left no stone unturned. 

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  1. Dawn, I've been the family genealogist for nearly 20 years and no one in the immediate family ever seemed to be interested. People seeing their own families in my online gedcom file have sent me emails and this pushed me to continue. Re-connecting with many of these on Facebook and now my blogging about our ancestors have brought so much support. And believe it or not I think my better half is also getting interested enough to help out - I'm going to make him my official photography while doing the families here in Luxembourg this year. Good luck with your Genealogy GOals (that is not a typo) for 2015!! ~ Cathy

  2. Hi Cathy,

    Thank you for your wonderful comments! Reconnecting or staying connected through Facebook with my family is one of the reasons why I made a page to go along with my blog so that they could find it quicker. Knowing that my niece is interested in family history is one of the reasons I chose to do the "Do-Over" because I want to show her the right structure of how the research is done and not my self-taught, haphazard ways! When I told my hubby I wanted to search for his family in the local cemeteries where he grew up he took me to the cemetery! Hopefully, he will catch the bug and help me with his family too. I hope your 2015 is great!