Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday - Conrad and Katherine (Wilke) Orth

This is the head stone for my 2nd great grandparents, Conrad and Katherine (Wilke) Orth. They are buried at Cavalry Cemetery, in Louisville, Kentucky. The flower carved on the left appears to be a daffodil. This same flower is also carved on their daughter, Anna May Orth Hoskins stone and Anna's children, Marjorie and William C. Hoskins, Jr. as well. Not only are Conrad and Katherine, Anna and her children but so are my great uncle, Henry C. Orth and my great grandparents, Dr. Raymond A and Pauline M (Orth) Behrle.

I did a search for the meaning of flowers carved into a tombstone and found at the  website (http://www.gravesecrets.net/headstone-meanings.html), a flower with its stem carved into a tombstone represents a Shortened Life or a Fragility of Life. However, I found a better description of the overall meaning of flowers on tombstones at the blog, A Grave Interest (http://agraveinterest.blogspot.com/2011/09/symbols-flowers-and-frailty-of-life.html), by Joy Neighbors I found that daffodils, a member of the lily family carved into the stone indicates grace, beauty and a deep regard. I find that very fitting for my Orth family members.

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