Saturday, May 23, 2015

"A World Apart" - World War II Memorial - Savannah, Georgia - Panels 1 - 8

UPDATE: This post was originally posted on 23 May 2015 but for some reason the post was reverted back to draft status after it was published. I apologize for any confusion to the story line this may have caused.

These are the first eight panels inscribed with service members names on the inside of the memorial. 

Names of Service Members Panel 1

William M. Achord, Sr., Lawrence A. Adams,  William L. Agee, Charles L. Aiken, 
Frederick Douglass Alford, Jr., 
Charles Judson Allen, III, Fred Chriss Allen, Jr., Henry J. Anderson, Jacob J. Anderson,
Thomas Anderson, John Dell Arnett, 
David S. Atkinson, Jr., Odis J. Autry, 
James V. Bagley, Ansel D. Bailey, 
Benjamin Baker, Jr., Benton T. Bandy,
James William Barber, Leroy Barnard
Gerald Lafor Bazemore, John Harold Bazzell,
James H. Beasley, Jr., William Stern Buck,
Hoke S. Bell, Matthew W. Bell, William D. Bentley, John Thomas Billings, Willis Bird, William D. Bishop, Andrew L. Black, Joseph Riddick Blackwood, George Wright Bordley

Names of Service Members Panel 2

Ward Morehouse Bowyer, Arthur H. Bradley, Jr.,
Frank B. Bragg, Jr., Thomas O. Branch, 
Dan C. Branson, Jr., John W. Brassell, 
Patrick E. Brennan, Wilmer T. Brewer, 
Winfield Wright Brewton, Albert D. Brockett,
Robert L. Brooks, Prince Broughton, David Brown,
Hugh D. Brown, James Carl Brown, Simon Bruce,
Clifford Jenning Bryan, Robert L. Bryan,
Richard Reynolds Buckner, Thurman Buice,
Jasper N. Bunkley, Jack W. Burnhalter, 
Reece Neel Burks, Robert Francis Burns
Nelson A. Bush, Lethridge Reginald Bustin, 
Laurence L. Caldwell, Thomas Cannady, Jens Munthe Cappelen, Edward Harlee Carmichael, Jr., Alvin Jesse Carpenter

Names of Service Members Panel 3

Clayton Lee Carter, James E. Carter, 
James W. Carter, John Robert Carter, 
Alfred D. Cason, Orlando L. Cassini, 
James W. Chance, Lyttleton Elmont Chance,
Maxie Cheney, Thomas C. Cheney, Elmo Chisholm,
Willie Boyd Chisholm, Dan H. Clark,
Howard Lawton Cleveland, 
James Henry Bussell Cloud, Albert L. Cobb, Jr.,
John Colvin Cochran, Ernest R. Coffelt,
Harris H. Coffey, Westley Cohen, James T. Coleman,
Joseph Frank Colley, Jr., Paul Anderson Collins
James J. Connolly, Ralph E. Cook, Robert Louis Corey, William Cox, Joseph F. Craig, III, Bryant L. Cramer, John Robert Crawford, Malcolm R. Crawford

Names of Service Members Panel 4

Francis J. Cronk, Edward W. Crosby, Robert F. M. Culver,
Britt Charles Cumming, Nesbit Cummings, 
Johnnie M. Cure, Wilbur Daniels, Arthur Ferdinand Davies
Bennie Bryant Davis, Jr., James J. Davis, Jr.,
Jasper Nathaniel Davis, Joseph C. Davis, Lonnie E. Davis,
Luther W. Davis, Thomas Edward Davis, Rufus A. Davis,
John Alvie Davis, Jesse James Davis, James B. Deal,
Marion Leo Dean, Paul George DeBolle, 
Edwin B. Decker, Jr., Alexis DeJanikus,
Dowse Bradwell DeLoach, Jr., Walter Adel DeLoach, Cyrus Wells DeLong, James E. Dickey, Danny Arthur Dix, Harold William Dominy, Anthony Draper, Willie I. Drayton, Kewannee Drumright

Names of Service Members Panel 5

Joseph LaBruce DuFour, John Stephen Duggan,
Joseph DeLeon Duke, George Healy Dukes,
Henry Dunbar, Jr., Joe Martin Dunlavy,
Clinton S. Durant, Joseph E. Dyer, Sr., 
Edwin Henry Eady, David Edwards,
Walter I. Ehrenreich, Willie Ellis, 
George G. Emery, Jr., Emmett M. England,
Coy L. English, Pedro Abenoja Estocapio,
Olice R. Evans, Lindsay B. Fallow, 
Norman Fields, Jr., Joseph A. Filkins, Jr.,
Mac Isaac Finch, William John Findlay,
William J. Finnegan, Ernest Fleming, 
Robert W. Fletcher, Jr., Conna Florance, Alfonso Ford, Percy Campbell Forsythe, Sylvester Frazier,  Horace Threston Freeman, Jr., Philip Lon Fritts, George C. Fugate

Names of Service Members Panel 6

Kellis E. Futch, William Gadson, Milton T. Gaines, 
James Stephens Galletta, George Karam Gannam, Freddie Gant,
Jack L. Gardner, Creswell Garlington, Jr., Byron Aloysius Gaudry, W. Christianson Gerhart, John C. Gibbons, 
Ben Harrison Gibson, Jr., John McIver Gignilliat, 
Randolph Henry Ginn, William Henry Glisson, Robert E. Gnann,
John Julian Goins, Jr., Moses H. Goodrich, Dennis Gordon,
Edward McGuire Gordon, Carl Gordy, James H. Grady, 
Herbert Robert Graham, Jesse E. Grant, Lincoln Green, 
Walter C. Green, Samuel Greene, William Henry Greene,
Herbert Griffin, Arthur C. Griffin, Jr., Cecil E. Griner,
Charles William Groover, Gresham R. Gunby, Jr.

Names of Service Members Panel 7

Garette Hagan, Freddie Hall, James B. Hall, 
George Elix Hamilton, James Hamilton, Arthur Leroy Hand,
Michael F. Handiboe, Howard H. Hansen, Jr., Wilkey H. Hardy,
Wallace Harley, Robert Meredith Harper, William E. Harris,
Warren A. Harvey, Theodore Francis Haviland, Plan G. Hay,
George Wallace Hayman, Jr., John M. Henderson,
Iverson W. Hendry, George Edward Henroit, Jr., Sam Henry,
Walter Andrew Hering, William Howard Hicks, 
Charles W. Wiggs, Jr., Gentry W. Hiott, Ransome M. Hiott, 
James A. Hobbs, George Pottle Hodges, Herman L. Hodges,
Edwin K. Hodkins, Eugene Harold Holland, James Buford Horne,
Lawrence F. Horne, Jr.

Names of Service Members Panel 8

Thomas R. Horton, Svend Aage Hoybye, Woodrow Huggins,
Charlie T. Hunnicutt, Marion William Hurd, Dannie Hurst, 
Thomas Joseph Hussey, Milton L. Hymes, James E. Jackson,
Justin Lowe Jackson, Jr., William Crantford James, 
Carl Llyod James, Afton Harold Jarrett, Joseph M. Jenkins,
Leroy Jernigan, Tom N. Jessup, Ned Burton Johnson, 
Mark William Johnson, Jr., Ernest Okey Johnson,
Howard L. Johnson, Morris Jones, Ralph Meldrim Jones,
Robert F. Jones, Jr., Albert Jones, Charles Jones, 
William P. Jordan, Frederick H. Kameron, James E. Keene,
Herbert C. Keene, Victor L. Keith, Jr., William H. Keller,
William Arlington Kelley, Jr., Edward T. Kelly


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