Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 - ALL gave some and some gave ALL

In the top left corner photo is my uncle, William "Bill" Hoback (standing far left) who served in the US Navy in WW II. The top center photo is my Dad, c.1952-1953, who served in the Korean War. On the far right is the tombstone for my 3rd great grandfather, Friedrich Orth who served in the Union Army during the Civil War and died from injuries he received in the Battle of Missionary Ridge. In the bottom left corner is my husband's father Henry C. " Hank"  Kogutkiewicz who served in the Army in WW II. In the bottom center photo is my children's paternal grandfather, Simeon Lester Kitts, Jr. who served in the Army Air Corp during WW II.

Today we remember the men and women who are currently serving in all branches of our military. Today we also remember those who have fallen from The American Revolutionary War to the War with Iraq and Afghanistan. All of them fought for our FREEDOM. They fought with bravery, courage, honor and valor.  Some of them made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their life. 

Thank you to my Dad for his service in the Korean War. To my Uncle Bill Hoback for his service in World War II. To my friends who have served or are still serving our country, I thank you for your service. To my ancestors who served from the American Revolution to through the Korean War, I thank you for your service.

As I have worked on my children's paternal lines and my own I have found that many of the men in these families served in our military from the American Revolution to World War II to the Korean War. As of today, I have not found any ancestors who served in the Vietnam War or any subsequent war after Vietnam.

My Dad served in the Korean War. My Mom's great grandfather Friedrich Orth was wounded at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, TN and died from those wounds in 1863. My Dad's stepfather Glenn Hammond served in WW II. My Uncle, Bill Hoback served in WW II.

My husband's, Dad, Henry "Hank" Kogutkiewicz also served in WW II along with brothers, Roman W. Kogutkiewicz, Sigmund J. Kogutkiewicz, Leon P. Kogutkiewicz, and Eugene J.
Kogutkiewicz. His uncle, Ralph Mills also served in WW II.

Kenny and David's paternal grandfather served in WW II, The men of the Kitts family of Grainger County, TN served in the Civil War and in some instances fought on different sides. In their paternal grandmother's family, their great uncle, Henry H. Plowden, Jr served in World War II. Their great aunt, Mary "Mackie" Plowden, lost her first husband, Robert Cone Elliott in World War II. 

My daughter in law, Cassie, her 6th paternal great grandmother, Laodicea "Daring Dicey" Langston Springfield is a heroine of the American Revolution as well as her husband, Thomas H. Springfield.  

One of my best friends, Elizabeth L. Almond served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. My friend Gary served in Vietnam. My brother in law, Chris Lunsford, son Christoper has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Our landlord is active military.

All gave some and some gave ALL.


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