Thursday, March 19, 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Journal Entry # 2

19 March 2020

How is everyone doing so far? Are you going crazy yet? What are you doing to get through?

My Thoughts & Feelings:

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw my post on March 5th where Tommy and I drove all the way to Augusta, Georgia for my endoscopic ultrasound and the doctor canceled it because I attended RootsTech and I had flown, so there was no telling whether I had been exposed to COVID-19. The staff went kind of crazy too! They put me in a mask, the nurses and doctors went and put on protective gowns, gloves and masks. The nurse told us they were moving me into a negative pressure room and the whole nine yards. I was to say the least flabbergasted! This was 6 days before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. I was told I would have to make my appointment for 3 weeks from the date of my return flight, the incubation period I was told. I rescheduled the endoscopic ultrasound on April 2nd in Augusta. 

As of today, that is still scheduled but it could change at any moment. I decided on Monday to self isolate until then to protect myself. I really don't want to postpone this test any further if possible because I have 18 cm tear in my esophagus and my allergy season has started a little earlier than I am use to. Between my sneezing, the itchiness in my eyes and ears and my asthma which causes me to cough, I can't help but wonder if I am making that tear worse! So yes, I am worried about the possible cancellation but I am also worried about making this tear worse and what that means.

How I am spending my time:

Tommy and I moved from Columbia, SC to Myrtle Beach, SC on Valentine's Day. I unpacked what I could before heading to my first RootsTech conference. While I was gone he put all the boxes in the rooms they belonged. I have slowly been going through them. I spent yesterday unpacking boxes and moving my clothes from one closet to another. Then last night I had my husband move the dresser from the guest bedroom to our room because I needed more drawer space! 

Today, I am going to finish with the boxes in our bedroom and get the rest of my belongings in the dresser. After that I am going to watch a couple of videos about DNA with Legacy Family Tree Webinars while doing laundry. After that I am hoping to get a couple more chapters read in Blaine Bettinger's The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy, 2nd Edition. 

Personal copy of D.M. Kogutkiewicz, photo by D. M. Kogutkiewicz

Tomorrow I want to start the first couple of chapters of Research Like A Pro by Diana Elder, AG. I am really excited to read this book as I have been following Diana's blog for sometime now. 

Personal copy of D.M. Kogutkiewicz, photo by D. M. Kogutkiewicz

Finally I want to work on some writing exercises from the book Memories of Me by Laura Hedgecock. I am using Laura's book to guide me through my journal entries for my grandsons about the story of my adoption, my adoptive and birth families. 

Personal copy of D.M. Kogutkiewicz, photo by D. M. Kogutkiewicz


Here in my home county of Horry there are now 5 positive cases of COVID-19 as of yesterday. I have not heard or seen any updates for today.

My Reading List:

I am always reading! I never go anywhere without my i-Pad Pro Air which has both the Kindle and Nook apps or a book. I have books in my nightstand, I keep books in my car (never know if I will remember my charge cord for my i-Pad!). I  also have a very eclectic library too.

I have just finished Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate which goes between Memphis, Tennessee in the 1940's and present day in Aiken, South Carolina. The story is about a family torn apart by Georgia Tann and the Tennessee Children's Home Society. Last night I found her series, The Shores of Moses Lake Collection: Four Novels in One in Kindle Unlimited for free so I am looking forward to reading these books too. 

I have also recently read The Milkman's Son by Randy Lindsay. This is the story of how the author discovered that man who raised him was not biologically his father and his quest to discover the truth. 

Personal copy of D.M. Kogutkiewicz, photo by D. M. Kogutkiewicz


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©2020, Dawn M. Kogutkiewicz, genealogical researcher and writer of Dawning Genealogy. All rights reserved.

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