Tuesday, March 24, 2020

COVID-19 (coronavirus) Journal Entry # 3

24 March 2020

How are you doing today? Are your kids driving you crazy? Bored? What are you doing to get through self-isolation and/or sheltering in place? 

My Thoughts and Feelings:

I am worried about my husband, my Mom, my siblings and their families, my son, my daughter in love, my grandsons, my aunts and uncle who are all high risk, my cousins and their families. I am also worried about my friends who are still in the travel industry. I am worried about friends who like me are in high risk categories. I am also worried about friends who are not in high risk categories. 

Right now, I am grateful that my children are adults and that I don't have to home school them because they would definitely flunk math for the year! I am keeping teachers and students everywhere in my prayers because this is a big adjustment for all of them!

How I am Spending My Time:

I have set aside an hour every day to work on writing exercises from Laura Hedgecock's, Memories of Me. During this time once I have done the exercise I then write in the journal in which I am telling the story of me, my adoption, my adoptive and biological families for my grandsons.

I will admit that I am not very good at keeping a research a log but I am determined to become more disciplined! I am currently working on a newspaper research log for one particular surname. I started my newspaper research in January but I didn't open a research log but as I added each new obituary to this particular research tree I placed a source citation in the description field. Now it is just a matter of pulling up each obituary (about 400) and transferring the information into my research log. I am sure that genea-friends who are much more disciplined than I are cringing!  

I have read the first 3 chapters in Diana Elder's, Research Like A Pro and I am working on the tasks set out in these chapters. I am currently working on the task in Chapter 1, you are asked to analyze your pedigree and to come up with a research question/plan. Well that is easier said then done when you have some brick walls that you have been working on for decades. So I decided to look at each line with a brick wall on my pedigree and formulate a plan for each. I will share those in another post this week. 

COVID-19 Updates:

Well, there are now 16 positive cases here in Horry County. A total of 298 positive cases in the state of South Carolina. These numbers were last updated on 23 March 2020 at 5:18 PM. This information is from SCDHEC website.

Just For Fun:

Several years ago I posts about the surnames I am researching. I made graphics to go with each post. So I thought I would re-post just the graphics to let you know which names I am still researching! This is my paternal line of Williams.


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Hedgecock, Laura, Memories of Me. Springville, Utah. Plain Sight Publishing. 2014.

©2020, Dawn M. Kogutkiewicz, genealogical researcher and writer of Dawning Genealogy. All rights reserved.

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