Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas Tree Decorations

Every year since the mid to late 1970's my Aunt Barbara has been sending my family her very special Christmas ornaments. Aunt Barbara makes the most beautiful porcelain Christmas ornaments. She makes them in her home and lovingly paints each one and personalize's each with our names and the year we received the ornament.

In the pictures above are some of the beautiful bells I have received through the years. As you can see in the pictures some of the bells are glazed and some are not, they all have a gold cord, which I call her signature. All of them have different pictures on the front and back and all of them have either "Dawn" or "Dawn and Tommy" written on them and all of them have a date. 

Bells are not the only ornaments that my Aunt Barbara makes, take a look at these exquisite icicle ornaments that she has made too.

On the left are the Wisemen and on the right are the Angels. All of them with her signature gold cord's for hanging. The Wisemen carrying their gifts of gold, franincense and myrrh in their golden urns and boxes. The details in their facial features and their turbans are beautiful. The Angel icicle on the left is glazed but the other two are not. They have their golden halo's, their hands together in prayer. With the Wisemen, what should have been their robes flows into the icicle formation. With the Angels their robes cascade down into the icicle formation.

In the picture above are some of the other beautiful ornaments that my Aunt Barbara has made through the years for me and my children. All of them with her signature gold cord and her exquisite details in each piece. My tree decorations are mostly these cherished and lovingly made ornaments. The rest of my ornaments were either made by my children or ones I have picked because they compliment the ornaments my Aunt Barbara has made for me through the years. 

Thank you Aunt Barbara, for all of the beautiful and exquisite ornaments on my Christmas tree! I love you!


  1. I was so excited to see the post regarding your Aunt's ornaments. Years and years ago, my Mother bought some of her ornaments at craft shows & put two away for me for when I had my own home and tree. I would love to have more; does your Aunt still sell these anywhere? They are so pretty! The ones I have are called ding-a-lings. I have kept the tags so I would always know how to search for them. Thank you! - Paula

    1. Hi Paula,

      No, I'm sorry but my Aunt know longer makes her bells or ornaments. I still have a few of the ding-a-ling tags too. I am happy to hear that your Mother put aside two for you.

      Take care,