Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

In the back row from L-R are Kaitlyn, TJ, William and Jebb. In the bottom row from L-R are Walker, my son David holding his son, Easton, Bryan and Gracie.

The picture above is a picture of all of the grandchildren for my parents, Bill and Nina. Every Christmas Eve we try to take a picture of all the grandchildren who are at my parents home for that year. For the first time in several years all of the grandchildren were together last night. 

We had a fabulous lunch and everyone went to church. Then we started opening gifts which with all of the grandchildren it can get very loud and chaotic! Opening presents is done from youngest to oldest. I don't think my nephew Walker liked being dethroned as the youngest! I love watching my nieces and nephews faces light up when they unwrap a gift.

We decided to eat a late lunch with the hopes of getting the South Carolina families back home at an earlier time. We still didn't get to leave until 10:00 PM. I think next year we should try to do a brunch, then open presents, with the goal of being done with presents in time to go to church. After which, those of us who travel can be home earlier. Just a suggestion Momma! Thank you to all of my family for making the changes.

From time to time Christmas traditions need to be adjusted to accommodate our expanding families. I think it is time for David and Cassie to consider how they want their Christmas traditions to be for them and Easton. Hopefully this can be done without changing too many of the Christmas traditions that David and Cassie both grew up with. 

Easton had a great time last night with his first Christmas Eve with the Williams Family. He loved  all of the attention from his great-grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Of course, the wrapping and tissue papers were more fun then his presents, isn't that always the case!

Merry Christmas to all of my readers!

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