Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas Crafts

In the late summer of 1973 we were living in Centerville, Ohio while my Dad was going to school for NCR. We would be there until the spring of 1974. We were a family of seven traveling to Ohio from southern Florida in a station wagon and very little room even with roof top carrier. 

As the holidays drew closer we went out and bought our Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments. My Mom picked up a paint by numbers wooden Christmas ornaments kit for us to paint and then put on our tree. The photo above is similar to the one we had and gives you an idea what was included in the kit.  Most kits contain about 30 ornaments. We may have done more than one kit, especially since there were only 30 ornaments but I am not sure. I believe that year we made our own garland that year. I believe that our garland that year was either made from popcorn or chains of red and green construction paper.

These ornaments still hang on my parent's Christmas tree today. I have already started a list of pictures I need to take when we go home for Christmas Eve this year. I will add these ornaments to the list.

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