Friday, December 19, 2014

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas Gifts

I have always believed that the size of the gift does not matter but what does matter is the thought and spirit in which the gift was bought or made that matters. 

For me wrapping Christmas gifts are fun and it really puts me in the Christmas spirit. I like to purchase really pretty paper, gift tags, ribbons, bows and tissue paper. I also like using the colors of Christmas like the solid colors of green, red, white, silver and gold. I also like paper with designs but for me it has to have something of Christmas related on it like holly leaves, poinsettias, Santa Claus, candy canes, Christmas trees and ornaments. I use bows and ribbons, especially curling ribbon! I like to use candy canes on the outside of my gifts too. Oh and I am the scotch tape "Queen"!

As a child buying those special gifts for you parents and siblings is always fun because you just know that they are going to love your gift no matter what. These days only the kids get gifts and the adults in our family do "dirty Santa" instead of individual gifts for each other which takes away some of the frustration of what to buy for those that are difficult to buy for. We also have a minimum and maximum dollar amount for the "dirty Santa" gifts. In past years there have been some great gifts with our "dirty Santa" gifts. Gifts like bottles of liquor and wine, cases of beer, Christmas decorations, kitchen stuff like waffle makers and serving pieces, gotta love the sales at Christmas!

This year we are buying gifts for our grandson too! My husband Tommy keeps trying to buy him the red ryder bb gun like the one in the movie A Christmas Story. I keep telling him that he is not old enough after all he is only nine months old!

Whether I purchase a gift or make a gift it is done with that specific person in mind. I try to pick gifts that are special, meaningful and hopefully can be used all through the year. When I make something I try to pick a project that has these same qualities as well.

When using gift cards I try to be sure that it is something that can be wrapped and unwrapped using Christmas containers that can be kept and used again. I may fill the container with candy, homemade cookies, a Russian tea mix or a hot chocolate mix. I will also use decorative bags to store food items in each container. I also use candy canes on the outside of the package too.

I have received many gifts over the years and I have several that fall into the category of "best" gift ever. One year my parents gave me umbrella for Christmas and when I opened it there was money hanging from rods in the umbrella. That really was a great gift! Another great gift I received was from Christmas 1967. I was really sick that Chrismas with bronchitis so my Mom gave me one of my gifts a little early. She had made my sister and I our very own Raggedy Ann dolls. They were really pretty too. Another gift that falls into the "best" gift ever category our the handbags my Mom made all of us girls a few years back. She made for all of us girls a Vera Bradley type bag with a matching cosmetic bag. 

In more recent years she commissioned my Aunt Barbara to make each of us girls a vanity tray set. The set included the tray, a hand mirror and 3 small boxes. Each had a different flower motif and mine has my favorite flower, Morning Glories on it.

The picture to the left is just the tray. The color of the tray, boxes and hand mirror all are in a light gray-green color.

Here is the tray with only the boxes on it. The largest box is oval in shape and I keep necklaces and bracelets in it. The middle box is heart shaped. I keep small earrings in it. The smallest box is diamond shaped and I keep my rings there.

As you can see each of the boxes has the Morning Glory flowers on them as well.

Here is the complete set. As you can the hand mirror also has the Morning Glory flowers on it too.

I love this gift because my Mom choose the gift and because it is made by my Aunt Barbara, two women that I am very happy to have in my life.

Remember, it is not the amount of money spent on a gift but the amount of love in which the gift is chosen and given. 


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