Friday, June 12, 2015

Family Photo Friday - The Elbert and The Williams Families Celebrate Thanksgiving 1989

I am starting a new tradition here at Dawning Genealogy, Family Photo Friday. Beginning today I will be posting family photos from the past and the present. Here is today's family photo.

 1. Uncle Jim; 2. My Dad, Bill; 3. Aunt Bonnie; 4. My Mom; 5. Jeff; 6. Robin; 7. Amy; 8. My former brother in law Jim; 9. Kathy; 10 & 11. Becky and Douglas; 12. our Grandfather George; 13. Dawn; 14. Billy; 15. My son, Kenny; 16. My son, David and 17. Christopher. The little one's are my cousin Amy's son's.

This picture is from Thanksgiving weekend 1989. My Mom's sister, Bonnie and her husband Jim came with their four children (Becky, Robin, Jeff & Amy) and their grandson's Douglas & Christopher (Amy's children) all came to Greensboro, NC to celebrate Thanksgiving with each other.

We had a great time together but then we always do when we get together. These days we don't get to see each other often what with work, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren running around these days, but when we do there is never a dull moment! Our last big get together we had was in 2011 to celebrate my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jim's 50th Wedding Anniversary.


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  1. It must be nice to be apart of such a large family. I'm 29, and my grandparents and my dad have already passed. I'm married and live in Charlotte, NC but my husbands family are out West and we only see them about every 2 years. My mom and sister are in England and I see them about once a year. I hope that we'll have children someday soon and create a big family that keeps close like yours.