Thursday, June 4, 2015

Happy 60th Anniversary Momma and Daddy!

 On the left my Mom and Dad c.1952. On the right is a picture of my Mom that my Dad carried with him from the US to Japan, Korea and back to the US while he served in the Korean War, c. 1952.

It has been 60 years since you said "I do" in Louisville, Kentucky and I know that you love each other even more today. You started dating so young but the world was different then. However, you dated for four years before you married which means you have been together for 64 years and that is an accomplishment in today's society. The years have flown by since you met and then said "I do" on June 4th, 1955. As your children we have joyfully witnessed you renew your wedding vows on the occasion of your 10th, 25th and 50th anniversaries. By renewing your vows it only shows us how committed you are to each other.

In the left is my Mom and her Dad, George Rueff walking down the aisle. In the top middle picture standing left to right are Peggy Rich Hammond, my Dad's Mom, my Dad, my Mom, my Mom's Dad, George Rueff and her Mom, Myrtle Behrle Rueff.* In the middle picture are my parents getting ready to cut the cake. The bottom middle picture are my parents in the wedding car. In the photo on the right are my parents.

You were blessed with five children, Patty, Billy, Kathy, Susie and I. Which I know wasn't always easy but we all turned out pretty good. You worked hard to give us a loving and caring environment centered on family. You also gave us kids a wonderful example of what a marriage should be for all of us to follow.

 From left to right: Dawn c. 1963, Patty c.1964, Billy c. 1967, Kathy c. 1968 and Susie c. 1974

Over the years we have had lots of family pictures taken and here are a few! The top picture was taken c.1977. Standing from left to right are, Patty, Dawn Billy and Kathy. Sitting from left to right are, Dad, Mom and Susie.

In this middle picture which was taken c. 1990, I believe for our I church directory. Standing from left to right are, Dad, Mom, Dawn, and Billy. Sitting form left to right are, Patty, our Grandfather, George K. Rueff, Susie and Kathy.

For your 50th wedding anniversary, we had updated family pictures done. This one is of just us seven. Dad and Mom are front and center with my siblings and standing around them.
There have been Baptisms, First Holy Communions, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, holidays and the daily pleasures of your your life that you shared. There have been good so many good times that they are impossible to measure. As a family we have seen some sad times but through it all, you were always there to guide us and to love us
Over the years our family of seven has grown to a family of...well we all know my math is terrible so don't quote me on this. We are now a family of 28!! So cherish the memories you made while you dating and the early years of your marriage before Patty, Billy, Kathy, Susie and I arrived, cherish the memories we made when our family was young and growing, cherish the memories you have ever made in the last 60 years and know that they are yours forever and ever.

Here we are on Dad's 80th birthday in January with almost all of us in the picture, quite a feat these days! Aunt Sally, Luann and Megan were here to help celebrate too. JJ is under the turquoise blank on the couch on the right while David and Cassie headed home earlier to get sweet Easton into bed.

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Daddy and Momma! I love you so very much! 

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