Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kaitlyn's Graduating

This weekend, my niece Kaitlyn will graduate from high school with honors. I interviewed Kaitlyn last September for a piece regarding Talented Tuesdays. You can find that post here ( I have watched this beautiful little girl grow into a very talented young lady. She is an artist in the truest sense of the word. She is not only talented in painting, sketching and drawing but she is musically talented, playing several instruments. Now as one adventure comes to a close in her life, it is time for Kaitlyn to look forward to the next adventure that life will take her on. 

Kaitlyn, remember these years of growth as a person, as an artist, full of  friendships and memories, your personal experiences and accomplishements and to see that you have adventures and dreams worthy of pursuing. I hope that your your adventures will lead you on a wonderful journey through life.

 Kaitlyn at Senior Awards Day on the left. Top right is a sketch is our lake house done in graphite on paper. The bottom picture is of my parents that she in charcoal on paper. Copyright © Kaitlyn Williams Art 2013-2014, All rights reserved.

Kaitlyn has been accepted to her first choice of colleges, UNC-Asheville where she will continue her studies in art and education. Her goal is to be a high school art teacher. She also likes genealogy and hopefully she will join me in sharing the role of family historian! She has been very helpful in building her Mom's side of the tree and adding pictures too. 

This year her AP Studio Art Concentration was about "Mythological Women". Mythology is one of my favorite subjects and to see Kaitlyn bring these mythological women to life is absolutely amazing. If you would like to see more of Kaitlyn's work you can find her on her Facebook page at this link (

The picture on the left is "Elf" chalk pastel on paper. The middle picture is "Medusa" oil on canvas. The picture in the right is "Sphynx" watercolor on paper. Copyright © Kaitlyn Williams Art 2013-2014, All rights reserved.
Follow your heart as you have always done, let it inspire you and let it lead you as you begin on this new adventure. I love you, Kaitlyn!

Copyright © Dawning Genealogy/Dawn M Kogutkiewicz 2014-2015, All rights reserved.

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