Thursday, September 10, 2015

Family Photo Friday ~ A Little Early

This is a photo of my children's great grandfather, Simeon Lester Kitts, Sr. (1891-1928). He died of pneumonia at age 36, leaving a wife, Ruth and three children, Susie, Lester, Jr and Betty to mourn his loss.

 This is a photo of my children's great grandmother, Ruth Hair Kitts, widow of Simeon Lester Kitts, Sr. and mother of Susie, Lester, Jr. and Betty. 

These photos are copies of the originals sent to me by the only surviving child of Simeon and Ruth Kitts, their youngest daughter, Betty. I have been having a hard time putting the story of Betty's parents down on paper. Hopefully, this will help me find the words I am looking for!


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