Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday's with Easton # 2 ~ Baking Cookies

Yesterday was my Monday with Easton and I decided we would bake cookies. He's not old enough nor does he have the patience for homemade cookies. So we did the next best thing, Nestle's Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies from the dairy case. I had hoped he would be able to take them to school today and share with his friends but due to food allergies that is not allowed.

Easton pulled his stool over to the counter where we would be working. I adjusted it so that he was close enough to help but would not accidentally touch the oven door when I opened/closed the oven door. He was a big help in helping me lay the squares of dough on the cookie sheet, that is until he decided that picking out the chocolate chips was more fun! Needless to say I couldn't let him do that because of the raw cookie dough but we came to a compromise. He would watch them bake in the oven.

After the cookies came out of the over we had to wait for them to cool so we decided to play a game or rather Easton did. His favorite game, "Gotcha!" The goal of this game is for me to chase him around the house, catch and tickle him and say "Gotcha!" He such a silly little boy! Then he had cookies for his morning snack with his banana milk. He has always been very good about eating but for some reason yesterday he decided that all he wanted was the jelly of his PB &J so he sucked out the jelly from his sandwich(see bottom right picture). After naptime (both of us) we played more "Gotcha!"

For weeks now I have been looking for a pair of maraccas for him. He loves music and he dances around. Then my husband pointed out that I had tambourine in our Parrot Head stuff that I used at a Jimmy Buffett concert a few years back. I gave it to him yesterday morning and he thought it was the best thing ever. Especially after he realized that yes it lights up but that he could change the tempo of the lights from flashing slowly to flashing faster and finally to the light becoming solid and unmoving.

Do you know what the best part of my Monday with Easton was this week? He finally called me Dede all day! That melted my heart! He calls my husband Jaja and he has been calling us both Jaja. 

Until next time little man!


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