Saturday, September 26, 2015

Surname Saturday # 1 ~ My Williams's & their Allied Families

Please note that names above are listed with the wife's maiden name first followed by the husband's name.

These are some of the surnames in my paternal line of Williams. Some of these families I have done quite a lot of research on but there are others that are brick walls for me. 

Some of these surnames go back many generations. Many of my  paternal grandmother Peggy Scott Rich, aunts & cousins have used these lines obtain membership into the Daughters of the American Revolution. There women were great record keepers!

If you are researching any of these fine families who started their lives in England and then came to America to settle in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Kentucky, please let me know and let's see if we may be RELATED! Many of these families were Quakers including my Rich line. 

On a side note, my 7th great grandmother is Mary Boone and daughter of Squire & Sarah Jarman (Morgan) Boone, making Daniel Boone my 7th great uncle.  

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