Friday, September 25, 2015

Family Photo Friday ~ The Williams Family

My family starting with my sister Patty and her former husband Jim, my sister Kathy and her husband Thomas, me, my brother Billy, my Dad, my youngest sister Susie, and my Mom. Ratterman Brothers Funeral Home, Louisville, KY. May 1991. From my personal collection. 

Last week's family photo was the big family portrait with all of the descendents of George and Mytyle (Behrle) Rueff. After that they grouped each of the Rueff siblings with their individual families for photographs. The only ones who didn't come with us were my sons, Kenny and David. Back then I was a travel agent and I used my 2 yearly free tickets to fly my Mom and I up to Louisville with my Aunt Bonnie and Grandpa. That is a story for another post!

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