Friday, November 6, 2015

Family Photo Friday ~ Hoback's and Williams's

In the photo above are the descendants of William Elmer & Peggy Rich Williams. They were the parents of my Dad and my Aunt Sally. This family photograph that was taken around June or July c.2000-2001. They were either on their way to Fripp Island in SC or they were returning when they stopped at our lake house in Lexington, NC. 

Starting with the back row from left to right are My Dad's sister Sally, Michael Wood (married to Luann) my Uncle Bill, my husband Tommy, my brother in law Jason (married to Susie), my cousin Bo and his wife, Mary Ann. In the middle row are my sister Kathy and holding her son Bryan, me, my sister in law Carolyn (married to Billy) and holding her daughter Kaitlyn, my brother Billy and holding his son William, my sister Susie, my Momma and my Daddy. Down in the front from left to right are my cousin Luann, my nephew, TJ, my cousin Alex (1C1R), my brother in law Thomas (married to Kathy), next to him is my cousin Arron (1C1R) my cousin Megan (1C1R), her friend, and my cousin Ben (1C1R).

We have always been close and I remember we would go to visit them in Kentucky and they would come visit us in Florida. I remember one summer when my cousin Bo and his brother Chip (not pictured) were both playing baseball and it seemed that we were always at baseball field! We definitely need a family reunion!


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