Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Veteran's Day Week ~ Honor Roll Project ~ Antelope Island Memorial, Utah

Please welcome Dawn Fitzpatrick, my friend and fellow genealogist who is my guest blogger today. Dawn has photographed and transcribed two Veteran's Memorials. The first is in her hometown of Layton, Utah. The second is The Antelope Island Memorial, Great Salt Lake, Utah. These names will be contributed to the Honor Roll Project by Heather Wilkinson Rojo. Thank you, Dawn!

Today's post is the Antelope Island Memorial in Davis County, Utah. It is dedicated to the 12 men who lost their lives.

 This is a full view of the memorial.

This is a close up of the top of the memorial.

This is a close up of the bottom of the memorial with pictures of all 12 men who perished.

Transcription of the Monument reads as follows:

This memorial is in remembrance of the Soldiers of the US Army and the US Air Force, Special Operations who died in the service of this great nation on 10-29-92, at approx. 9:15 PM, MST. May we remind each other that these men who died doing what they loved best will not fade away. We will remember them, we will honor them and we will pray for them forever.

US Army Rangers - 75th Regiment 

The transcription on the monument reads as follows: 

These were the men who heard the call of freedom, liberty and justice. Men who heard a call to discipline and valor. These were men who stood shoulder to shoulder as modern day Spartans. They were men of the Ranger Creed. - Cpt. Steven Chaplin, Army Chaplin.

(below are the names of the US Army Rangers who died)

Sgt. Blaine A Mishak                                      Col. John T Keneally
Command Radio Operator                               Cdr. 3rd BN 75th Rng Regt, Ft. Benning, GA
HHC 1st BN 75th Rng Regt, HAAF, GA               2-19-49 to 10-29-92
12-23-69 to 10-29-92                                      Commissioned ROTC 1971
Enter Service: 1-88                                         Home: South Orange, NJ
Home: Clear Lake, IA

LTC Kenneth W Stauss                                  ISG Harvey L Moore Jr
Cdr. 1st BN 75th Rng Regt, HAAF, GA               CCO 1st BN 75th Rng Regt, HAAF, GA
12-9-51 to 10-29-92                                       10-26-55 to 10-29-92
Commissioned ROTC 1973                              Enter Service: 9-78
Home: Belton, MO                                         Home: LaGrange, GA

Spc Jeremy B Bird
Satellite Radio Operator
HHC 1st BN 75th Rng Regt, HAAF, GA
Enter Service: 3-91
Home: Amery, WI


United States Air Force

Lord, Guard and guide the men who fly through the great spaces of the sky. Be with them traversing the air in darkening skies or sunshine fair. Aloft in solitudes of space, uphold them with your saving grace. O God, protect the men who fly through the lonely ways beneath the sky. Amen. (USAF Hymn).

(Below are the names of US Air Force men who died)

Lt. Col. Roland E Peixotto Jr                           SSgt Steven W Kelley
Commander, 55th SOS Eglin AFB, FL                  Flight Engineer, 55th SOS Eglin AFB, FL
5-21-55 to 10-29-92                                          4-19-57 to 10-29-92
Enter Service: 6-73                                           Enter Service: 7-86
Home: West Topsham, VT                                  Home: Ocean Springs, MS

Sgt Philip A Kesler                                           Sr Airman Derek C Hughes
Flight Engineer, 55th SOS Eglin AFB, FL             CCT Member 23rd STS Hurlburt Field, FL
12-29-67 to 10-29-92                                        8-2-69 to 10-29-92
Enter Service: 7-86                                          Enter Service: 12-87
Home: Ona, WV                                               Home: Angels Camp, CA

Cpt Michael L Nazionale                                 Sgt Mark G Lee
CCT Leader 24th STS Pope AFB, NC                  CCT Member 24th STS Pope AFB, NC
12-18-55 to 10-29-92                                       7-31-68 to 10-29-92
Enter Service: 2-75                                         Enter Service: 9-86 (?)
Home: Dennison, OH                                       Home: Jerome, IN

TSgt Mark Scholl
CCT Member 24th STS Pope AFB, NC
3-10-60 to 10-29-92
Enter Service: 3-79
Home: Sunbury, PA


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