Saturday, November 14, 2015

Surname Saturday # 8 ~ My Paternal Lines of Stowers & Rich

Please note that the names are listed with woman's maiden first then followed by the husband's surname.

These surnames are for my paternal lines beginning 3rd great grandparents, Samuel R. "Devil Sam" Rich and Mary Bryan Stowers going back to generations 6 or 7 and even 8 generations in some cases, starting with me. Are you related to Daniel Boone? My 8th great grandparents are Squire Maugridge Boone and Sarah Jarman Morgan. Their daughter, Mary Boone Bryan is my 7th great grandmother and her husband was William Christopher Bryan. Which makes Daniel Boone my 8th great granduncle! Are you researching any of these fine early Colonial American names? If so, drop me a note, leave a note below or personal message or comment on Facebook.



    Here is my blog site - I gave many Bryan family history there on the 52 weeks I did last year.

    1. Hi Jeanne, I am looking forward to reading your blog and learning more about the Bryan family history!

  2. What a great way to keep track of your genealogy adventures and searches! Thanks for posting in FB.