Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Added Stat Counter to My Blogs

I love Blogger and find it very easy to use but I have not been very happy with the statistics provided by Blogger because it doesn't really breakdown the month status of hits. I did a Google search and found StatCounter for Blogger/Blogspot. From what I can tell, the company provides hit tracking and visitor tracking which Blogger does but they also provide web analytics and website statistics. Below is an example from their website.

 An example of the type of stats from StatCounter (https://statcounter.com/free-web-stats/).

They also provided a video of the instructions as well as step by step guide with pictures on how to add this to your blog. I used the step by step instructions rather than the video. You will need to register with a user name and password. Once you have done this you will need to "add a project". I used the name of my blog (Dawning Genealogy) and the website for my blog (dawninggenealogy.blogspot.com) for the project information. Then you be asked which platform and there many listed. Click on Blogger/Blogspot. You will be lead to the step by step instructions and video. 

There are 20 steps to follow and there is also a "check your installation" button so that you know whether or not you have done it correctly. Since the process is has 20 steps I won't bore you with each and every step. It took me maybe 10 minutes to set up both of my blogs and in the time I have taken to write this post I have had 38 hits at Dawning Genealogy. I have made a note on my calendar to post a followup in 30 days.

Here is what my stats look like since I added this my blog.


StatCounter, (http://statcounter.com : 29 December 2015) 



  1. I'm curious to hear how it works out for you. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your 30 day follow up.

  2. Hi Family Sleuther,

    Just thought I would let you know that this morning I upgraded my free account to $9.00 a month account that will track my figures for up to 13 months and/or 100,000 hits. I originally was going to do 50,000 but you would have to print out the statistics in 6 months when the counter starts over. While I have no where near 100,000 hits I want to be able to look at everything from 2016 at once rather than in 6 month increments. I hope that helps for now. I still learning the ropes at Statcounter and I need to set up some keyword parameters and few other things that they offer in terms of keeping track. Happy New Year!