Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monday's with Easton ~ # 3 ~ Easton's Agenda

 Knowing that I would have Easton yesterday (9/28/2015) and that we would be stuck indoors because of the rain. I decided it would be a great day for arts and crafts. My best friend gave me the idea to make a fall fingerprint tree. She even sent the link on Pintrest of the image she got the idea from. 

Because I live about an hour away, I always go up on Sunday evenings in time to watch him have dinner (which is always fun - he decided to drink his salsa instead of dipping his taco in it) and help with his bath. When I walked in on Sunday, I heard him say, "Dede!". This was the first time that he had called me Dede as I walked into the house. 

The idea was to use a permanent marker to sketch out the tree. I decided to expand it just a little into a genealogy themed tree. My thoughts were to make the tree trunk and limbs with my finger prints and Easton's finger prints could be the leaves. I was then going to take it home and fill in the names of Easton's direct lineage. I was then going to frame it and use it as a gift from Easton to his Mama & Daddy. Well, Easton decided he wanted nothing to do with paint or stamping ink (for the finger prints). No, he had other ideas about what we were going to do. 

Easton wanted to play "Gotcha". It is game we play where I chase him and when I get to him I pick him up and say "Gotcha" and smother him with kisses and tickle him. I can say that I picked up an unusual amount of steps yesterday but that's okay it is well worth it! He has discovered my CPAP machine and loves to feel the air blowing on him. This can entertain him for quite some time.

Then he wanted to dance after lunch! He loves music and we were dancing to music by Dixie Chicks, and Joss Stone. He's got good taste! When we were done dancing we took a nap. Easton woke up after just an hour. I went to his room and told he would need to sleep a little while longer. He likes to fall asleep holding you hand. So like any grandmother would do, I grabbed a pillow and laid down by his crib and fell asleep while we holding hands. Best nap I have ever had!

The lesson I learned to day, don't make plans because your grandchild may have other ideas on how he wants to spend his day. Just make sure you bring your fun bag with several options not just one!

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