Friday, October 30, 2015

Another Frustrating Day with Ancestry!

I built a temporary tree for a blog post I am working on for a Tombstone Tuesday post and I have already called Ancestry twice today! If you are having problems please send me a message or leave a comment. I would like to fix the problem if it is me and/or my computer or whether if it is Ancestry. Thanks!

The 1st Problem

I attempted to start this temporary tree and after entering the father's name I began putting in the information for his wife but for some unknown reason it would not accept the information. After 30 minutes I still could not enter her information so I closed the window in which I working in. I honestly thought because I had not named the tree that I would loose the information I had already pit it in. My list of trees only has this one temporary tree listed and nothing indicates that I have tree that is "unnamed". I started a new window and reentering the parents names, dates of birth, death & marriage.  

As I added the children to this temporary tree I noticed on the 5th child that the mother's maiden name, Dieter kept coming up as the surname for each of the children. So I went back to look and sure enough all of the children I had entered had their mother's maiden name as their surname too. See the picture below.

I am willing to admit that this is operator error, maybe, however I am only taking 50% of the blame. When I talked with the Ancestry representative, I explained what was going on and asked if she would kindly pull up this tree and explain what I did wrong. She then told me that of 5 children I had entered thus far, two were not showing up in the "family view" but were all listed as his children when you looked at his profile. I had to go into Edit Relationships and upon doing so I saw that the father was listed as the mother. See the picture below.

Remember that cancelled window? I must have hit the "add/save" button 10 times in 30 minutes trying to figure out why it would not allow me to enter the mother's information. I closed that window thinking the tree would not be recorded at all. WRONG!!! 

Please remember I am not an computer expert! Here is what I think happened I think the tree was saved even though I could not enter all of the information for the mother as well and named it Schwarz Family Tree. And all because I hit that button so many times, it saved the father's information Then when I started what I thought was the new tree, and entered both the husband and wife's information, it picked up or kept the previous information even though I had not saved that first tree. So I guess this must be some type interfacing problem, right?

The 2nd problem

Every record I have saved at this point is giving me the following message, "We're sorry. The page you tried to access is no longer available." Why is this happening? When I go back into the profile of the person I am working on, the record was indeed saved to that person. So why am I getting " longer available"? I wish I knew!


  1. Check Mary's sex - looks like you have her as a male.

    1. Yesterday Ancestry was just wonky! I honestly believe that there was problem creating new trees yesterday. I realize that it says the mother was male but it was changed while on the phone with Ancestry. There are 12 relationships in the tree and every single one of had the mother as the father and the father as the mother, I did not do this, I believe Ancestry did this while I hit add button for the mother so many times. While the customer rep was on the phone, at the end of conversation she told she was emailing instructions for merging people and how to edit people in my tree. When I asked her if she was going to report it, I was told not to worry about it! Take it or leave it because they won't admit when they have a problem.

  2. I had the EXACT same problem this morning!!! I tried to start a new tree to do some research, and NOTHING would make that darned thing work. I tried multiple times. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. I gave up.

  3. And just tried it again, after checking to make sure that it hadn't created the tree in stealth mode -- it had not, and it still won't work. SO HAPPY that I'm paying for this frustration -- NOT!!!

    1. I agree with all of it Lynn! Yes I am paying for this frustration because I can't afford to go to another site and still keep my Ancestry account. Besides with ability to use and which alone are $79.95 each. I am looking at moving to Find My for British records which allows to go month to month or I can purchase x amount tokens that expires relatively fast.