Saturday, October 3, 2015

Surname Saturday # 2 ~ My Rueff's & their Allied Families

Please note that names above are listed with the wife's maiden name first followed by the husband's name.

These are some of the surnames in my maternal line of Rueff. Many of these families are of German descent. On most of these lines I can only go back a generation, maybe two. 

There are questions about my immigrant ancestor, William Rueff as to where exactly he was born. Some say that he was born in Alsace, France, while others say that he was  born in Germany or possibly Austria. As I have learned in my research of the Rueff's the boundaries of Germany, France and Austria changed frequently depending on the political climate.

I believe that William Rueff was born between 1775-1790 and that it is quite possible he fought in the Napoleonic Wars. Family lore says that he married a woman named Favalie, unfortunately in 35 years I have never been able to prove this. I do know that he was married and that he had at least one known child, Charles. William and Charles immigrated to the United States between 1820-1830 and then settled in Louisville, Kentucky.

If you are researching any of these fine families who started their lives in Germany/France and/or Austria, and then came to America to settle in Louisville, Kentucky, please let me know and let's see if we may be RELATED! Many of these families were of the Catholic faith.

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