Saturday, October 24, 2015

Surname Saturday # 5 ~ My Children's Paternal Line of Kitts

Please note that names above are listed with the wife's maiden name first followed by the husband's name.

The surname of Kitts is my children's paternal line. The majority of these families still reside in Grainger, Union and Knox Counties, Tennessee. Some of the older generations started in the counties of Wythe, Bland and Tazewell counties of Virginia.

Many of the Kitts men in Tennessee fought for the Union in the Civil War. However they literally fought against family who served in the Confederate Army from their own home state of Tennessee as well as in Virginia and West Virginia.

If you are researching any of these fine families who started their lives in Virginia and Tennessee please send me a message and let's see if we may be RELATED! 



  1. Interested in Adkins and Willis as they are somehow connected on my tree. John Willis Hooker of TN and wife Lettice Duncan/Dunkin had two daughters who married grandsons of Ellen Akins/Aiken/Akens and George B. Hart b 1816 TN.

  2. I'm sorry but none of these names are in my working tree. It is more than possible that I have not gotten through all of my Adkins. I do not have anyone with the surname of Hooker or Duncan/Dunkin at this time. The only Willis family I have is out of NJ and is by marriage only, no direct line. Should I find any information I will let you know. Thank you for taking the time to post a message.